Single Tooth Implant

Fitting a single dental implant is a quick, simple and painless way to replace a single tooth (or small number of missing teeth). It may well be the perfect solution if:

  • you know you are about to lose one or more teeth
  • you have a failed crown
  • you have a cracked or broken tooth
  • you have a failed root filling
  • you have a wobbly / loose tooth (or a number of loose teeth – usually from gum disease)
  • you have a badly decayed tooth

If you have very recently lost one or more teeth (eg through sports injury or decay) we may be able to save you time and money. Visit our Immediate dental implant page to find out how, but you really will have to be quick! Immediate implants are also great if you know you are about to lose a tooth.

We also offer Dental Implant bridges and retained dentures for multiple missing teeth.

Does it hurt?

The most surprising thing about Dental Implants is that there is very little pain. It looks like it should hurt, but the reality is that most dental pain is caused by touching a nerve on a live tooth. In this instance, we’re removing it entirely, so whilst there is some discomfort, we are extremely careful with all of our pain management at Kings Dental Care. We take the time and give all our consideration, and never rush.

While the operation is being carried out your jaw is numbed so that you don’t feel any pain. You can also choose to be sedated if you wish. Our patients tell us that if there is only one or two implants inserted, they are able to go back to work or resume normal activities on the same day.

What does the treatment involve?

After an initial consultation to find out whether dental implants are the right treatment for you, we carry out a detailed assessment and x-rays.

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